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Message from the Instructor

After a rich career performing in orchestras and solo recitals as well as teaching in music schools I am very excited to focus on my own teaching studio in Denver. I work with children ages 5 yo and up and offer both online and private violin lessons.

My goal is to make sure that my students are as excited as they are challenged. I incorporate traditional methods as well as modern technology. My teaching experience spans over 10 years of violin instruction in 3 different music schools as well as privately.


For Parents

Some questions you may want to ask yourself or discuss as a family before our first meeting include:

  • What do you expect of your child in playing the violin? Do you want to see your child working hard? Do you want to see your child playing games?
  • How much of a time commitment are you willing to make? What sounds like a reasonable amount of time to practice? Can you already think of a regular time(s) to practice?
  • What type of things motivate your child?
  • What type of learner do you think your child is? Are there any strengths or challenges that you think your teacher should know about?

Tuition / Schedule

I teach private violin lessons both in your home and at my Denver area studio. I also offer online lessons when it makes sense.

Tuition is charged by the semester and covers typically 10 lessons over a 12 week period. In the event you cannot make it to a lesson for any reason, the extra 2 lessons a semester are to be used as make-ups.


by Christy on Anton Smirnov

Anton is a wonderful violin instructor. He is very knowledge, patient, and talented in his profession. My daughter has improved greatly in just the few months that she has been under his teaching. I would recommend him to family and friends as both my daughter and I have been very pleased with the progress and professionalism.

by Kat on Anton Smirnov
Solid Foundation

Anton is a great teacher. I started alongside my son, and watched him be patient and engaging with my 7 year old. I began in individual lessons with him as an adult learner, and I feel that I'm developing a solid foundation. He pays good attention to the technical issues that beginners face, and is able to identify the things that need to change in order for you to progress. He uses technology to benefit your learning - sending you accompaniment or sheet music for at home practice. He's an amazing performer, and can guide you in developing actual musicality in addition to technical skills. I find him to be very well-rounded as a teacher, and able to tailor what he's doing to each student. He's responsive to questions that you may have during the practice week, and you can even go see him perform in a variety of professional settings to be inspired. Highly recommend!

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