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by Christy on Anton Smirnov

Anton is a wonderful violin instructor. He is very knowledge, patient, and talented in his profession. My daughter has improved greatly in just the few months that she has been under his teaching. I would recommend him to family and friends as both my daughter and I have been very pleased with the progress and professionalism.

by Kat on Anton Smirnov
Solid Foundation

Anton is a great teacher. I started alongside my son, and watched him be patient and engaging with my 7 year old. I began in individual lessons with him as an adult learner, and I feel that I'm developing a solid foundation. He pays good attention to the technical issues that beginners face, and is able to identify the things that need to change in order for you to progress. He uses technology to benefit your learning - sending you accompaniment or sheet music for at home practice. He's an amazing performer, and can guide you in developing actual musicality in addition to technical skills. I find him to be very well-rounded as a teacher, and able to tailor what he's doing to each student. He's responsive to questions that you may have during the practice week, and you can even go see him perform in a variety of professional settings to be inspired. Highly recommend!

by Kerry . on Anton Smirnov

Anton is obviously very skilled and puts a lot of emphasis on music theory and foundations. He was helpful at helping me understand the basics, as a student who has no music background.

by Mary on Anton Smirnov
Very Dedicated

Anton is a very dedicated teacher who taught me to believe in myself as a musician which gave me the confidence I needed to persist in my studies. He taught me a sound technical foundation as well as musical interpretation at my level of ability. He also exposed me to relevant literature about playing violin and these books, written by legendary teachers, significantly broadened my understanding of playing violin. None of my other teachers considered my brain and musical ability worthy of the investment of that much resources. Anton set no upper limit of what I should expect of myself as a violinist and I feel that he set no limit on himself as my teacher. If he had not moved away, I would still be his student and now would probably be considered a competent amateur violinist

by Josh on Anton Smirnov
Awesome experience

Very professional, as well as experienced and knowledgeable. Keeps the mood light and fun and shows great patience along with encouraging reinforcement. Have been taking lessons with Anton for almost a month and it has been nothing but a pleasure. No matter your skill level, I would DEFINITELY suggest him to anyone looking to pick violin up, or if you would just like to improve your skills. Great experience

by Steve on Anton Smirnov
A fantastic instructor!

Anton is a great performer and consummate teacher. His focus on details and musical creativity are a joy. Highly recommended.

by Erik on Anton Smirnov
Very Fun

Anton is an extremely talented performer and teacher. My 8YO daughter is making great progress and while she doesn't always like voilin, she always loves her lessons.

by Kristi B. on Anton Smirnov

Anton has been teaching my daughter for about 6 months. She is 10 years old and has wanted to play the violin since the age of 3. The commitment that Anton has provided for my daughter during her lessons has been one that you rarely find in today's society. He has been patient with her during her times of struggle; he has been encouraging and supportive each week as she continues to progress and he always takes the time to explain why certain things are done within the practice of violin / music theory. He has helped her grow significantly as a person over the past several months and I could not have asked for a better teacher for her. Thank you Anton!

by Michelle on Anton Smirnov

Anton is a great instructor - very knowledgable and detail oriented.

by Mary on Anton Smirnov

My experience with Anton is very positive. He is a professional violinist who knows the violin. I am a beginner and Anton knows how to start at the beginning when teaching the violin. He tries to see the violin from a beginner's perspective so he can help you learn. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn or improve in playing the violin.